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Almost all ancient civilization have postulated and encouraged the use of turmeric for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Even modern day science has found proof of turmeric in aiding good health. Our brand of turmeric is perhaps the most organic and naturally grown form of the item found in the world. With minimum reliance on chemical fertilizers, artificial nutrients and additives, the turmeric of Bagdara Farms is grown using the traditional expertise of the people of Baiga Tribe, a community inhabiting the region in and around our farms in Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh in India.

Our turmeric offers high curcumin content of 10.07% and hence helps in achieving a healthier existence. In addition to fighting diseases such as common cold, cough and flue, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant properties help in keeping at bay stress, obesity and diabetes. It is also a potent agent for treating and curing Alzheimer’s and cancer. Our range of turmeric products is made for people of all age and gender; and is also helpful in treating various health issues in dogs.

Reasons for using Bagdara turmeric
  • High curcumin content of 10.07%
  • Organic cultivation
  • Preservatives and additives free
  • 100% Non-GMO
  • Economically priced
  • Detoxifying agent
  • Natural supplement for pain and inflammation
  • Relieves stress, fights obesity and adds a glow to the skin
  • Active agent in fighting cancer and diseases of the heart and brain.


HI Wellness Pvt. Ltd, the proud owners of Bagdara Farms, located in the Tiger reserve forest of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh, has been contributing to the genuine cause for the welfare of farmers. . This is a non GMO seed variety which we cultivate in the middle of a national park, where Man vs Wild conflict is always at its peak. Our Fresh Turmeric has in excess of 4 -10% curcumin by weight compared to less than 0.5% in regular organic turmeric powder after concentration.

Commitment to natural farming to ensure the delivery of 100% natural and 100% organic products which are Curcumin based and caters to prevention of many diseases welcomes enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs’ who share our vision to join as distributors/ channel partners, in various Indian cities and explore a whole new world of unhindered and rapid growth

Benefits to Distributors /Channel partners
  • Helps expand product portfolio
  • Improve product management and reporting
  • Offers efficient competitive value added advantage
  • Offers efficient retail management system
  • Increases sale and profitability
  • Updated products will be made available without any extra cost
  • Better return on ROI

What our clients say


Love the aroma and the bright color of Stressidra. Have started using it in my cooking and the turmeric tea recipe recommended by you is already my favourite. Im sure I’m going to be free of my anxiety issues soon. I am feeling a noticeable improvement in my anxiety problem.


A very good endeavor by Bagdara farms to get organic product in the market. Good packaging and most importantly got my bottle in time. My low blood pressure was a major stumbling block on my health. My sister suggested this product and low B P has been ever since at bay.


Few days back my sugar level increased a lot. My doctor suggested me to take Tea-meric and now my sugar level has got controlled. It is best product for me. My favorite energy drink is now a spoon of teameric with a pinch of cinnamon and pepper in warm water.


This product makes a refreshing morning routine and a calming regime just before I hit the bed. I feel rejuvenated through the day. I tried the creamy turmeric tea recipe and thumbs up for such a great variation to the normal tea. I feel refreshed and active the whole day.

Mohit Sharma

Yumcumin has proved a great product for me and my little boy. His frequent cold and cough were major factors of concern for me. But thanks to yumcumin, he has had very few low days now. He loves the color of the milk and I have made it a daily routine to give him turmeric milk.

Namrata Chaudhry

For the first 1 month I couldn’t figure-out whether this turmeric Bagdara Haldi was bringing any difference to my frequent cold & cough problem or not but now the effects are becoming visible. I am happy to see the improvement in my degraded immunity.

Vikram Vyas

A noble cause built on
sound foundations reaching out.




The realization of the Bagdara Farms has been a story of heart change, and unflinching support. How a piece of land invested in only for economic gains became the hub of self empowerment and environment conservation can perhaps be best elucidated by this story. The journey witnessed many milestones being achieved including those of formalizing events promoting traditional arts & crafts and setting up of a Financial Trust to enable The Baiga Tribe in all round development. These have been small steps towards much Larger Dreams in which we would highly regard your association..

Disclaimer | All information in regard to turmeric products by Bagadara Farms is authentic to the core and the company is an independent organisation making positive endeavours in organic farming, its production, distribution and marketing; and is not associated with any other company/organization. All products are enriched with high levels of curcumin, are 100% organic and the dosage is subject to individual needs and must be taken only after consulting a doctor.