Cancer Problem

Curcumin as a shield against oral cancer

A healthy tooth, in fact oral health in general, is something that makes up for good social etiquette in modern society. Yellowing, dirty teeth or bad breath or bloody gums are all attributes that are frowned upon in social circles and so, many people have regular dental checkups in order to make sure that their oral hygiene is up to Read More

Cancer Problem

Shut the doors of your stomach for cancer

There would have been no life on earth if energy was not available to let life breathe. The basic sustentation of human life is based upon the energy derived from the food we intake. Our stomach is one of the major reasons that we are able to live. The main function of the stomach is to process the food and Read More

Cancer Problem

Curcumin to slay breast cancer, can carcirid champion the cause?

Women are becoming not only a significant unit of our society but have also become influencers in some significant positive changes that take place around us. With more responsibilities, come more challenges and in the rush to balance the professional and personal life, the health somewhere takes a back seat. When we say health, it refers to both biological health, Read More


Diabetes no longer a threat

Changing lifestyle and eating habits have made human susceptible to many disorders and the most common one being Diabetes. For years, little or poor information about the disease led to diabetes being badly misunderstood and mistreated. What Exactly is Diabetes? Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease in which a person has high blood sugar (blood glucose) either due to Read More

Glowing Skin

Miracle beauty ingredient to give you an excellent glow

The Indian Saffron or turmeric has a yellow-orange color which has been used as a condiment since time immemorial. It is also used as a dye for clothes. The yellow color of Turmeric is provided by its bioactive component called curcumin. It is the reason turmeric has some amazing health benefits as well. Since a long time, Indian brides have Read More


Some amazing benefits of organic curcumin for diabetes

It is not difficult to find good news to get good health nowadays. There have been many studies that show that curcumin, the extract of turmeric has been seen to be pretty effective to prevent prediabetes and forbidding it to become type 2 diabetes. The real thing is that curcumin is an affordable option to be beneficial for a disease Read More