Strong and Healthy Liver

Say NO To Fatty Liver Now With Curcumin

The liver is a vital organ of our body that is involved in many actions like fat metabolism and detoxification amongst the many others. It is also a delicate organ and needs to be taken good care of. It can repair itself by rebuilding new liver cells, but it happens only to some extent. After sometime permanent damage in the Read More

Women's Health

One Time Solution For Leucorrhoea Lies In Curcumin

Amongst all the health issues that women face, leucorrhea is also on top of the priority list. Medically, we can define leucorrhea as the condition in which a whitish discharge is seen during the reproductive cycle of a woman. Even though the female genital secretes a pale white fluid to maintain the pH and flush out the harmful microorganisms, leucorrhea Read More

Sperm Count

Curcumin Treats Male Infertility

Male fertility is slowly catching up to be a medical issue amongst men. About one in every five couple is facing a problem starting a family due to male infertility, and about one in every 100 men, there is no sperm in his ejaculate. The primary deciding factor of a man’s fertility is the quality as well as the quantity Read More

Skin Problem

Curcumin To Get Rid of Nodular Acne

Acne a word that spells nightmare for everyone irrespective of age (yes more nightmarish for teenagers). If you are unfortunate to have nodular acne, then it is like salt being added to injury as this acne is painful. What is Nodular Acne? We are all aware that acne begins with sebum mixing with dead cells to clog the pores. This, Read More

Pain Relief

Say Bye To Osteoporosis With Curcumin Enriched Calmya

Bones are made up of minerals and mainly calcium. Bone Mineral Density of BMD is a way to measure the number of minerals present in the bones. Osteopenia refers to a condition in which BMD is lower than the normal. It cannot be considered a disease, but it increases the chances of developing osteoporosis in the long run. In a Read More

Muscle Relaxant

Get Stronger Muscles With Curcumin Naturally

Muscles are a bundle of fibrous tissues that help in body movements by contracting and relaxing. The human body has an average of 600- 700 muscles in the body. There are two types of muscles. Smooth muscles or involuntary muscles are the ones that are not under our control .e.g. muscles of the small intestine.  Skeletal or voluntary muscles are Read More

Dog Health Care

Curcumin Solution For Oral Problems In Dogs

Oral diseases are the dental conditions that affect the teeth as well as gums in dogs. A broken tooth, tooth abscesses and teeth cavities or caries must not be ignored as they can lead to many other complicated health conditions. I am sure all of us would agree how painful any dental problem can be for us. The same thing Read More