Health Benefits

Curb Your Cravings For Toxins With Alchorid

Letting your hair down once in a while isn’t such a bad idea. However, when alcohol becomes the way of life and a regular feature in your lifestyle, is the time it affects your health and effectiveness the most. With very few or no health benefits at all, alcohol only has a long list of ailments it gets along with Read More

Children Infection

Boosting Our Little One’s Health With YUMCUMIN

Raising a child is the most rewarding career in life, it’s also likely to be the toughest one and this job comes absolutely with no instruction manual. However, we try and protect their little world to the best of our ability and ensure that they stay in the best of their health and spirits. With the growing surge of junk Read More

Turmeric Benefits

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Turmeric Everyday

The most heralded spice in the world, Turmeric, has been around for centuries. Grand Maa’s favorite medicine for anything under the sun, be it a bruised knee, to a pimple on the face or annoying cold, it has the capability to fix everything that comes in contact with it. The baby of Ayurveda, it has been liberally and generously used Read More

Cancer Problem

Smother The Monstrous Ovarian Cancer With Oncomin

There can never be anything more glorious, more mystifying and certainly more complex than a woman’s body. The health of a woman is not determined solely by the biological factors but also external factors like work, stress, worries of the balancing act at home, nutrition among many others. Their innate quality of being a nurturer makes them busy looking after Read More

Cancer Problem

Healthy Lungs And A Clear Respiratory Tract With ASTHUMIN

Today our lives in any part of the world, big or small are largely affected by the increasing level of deleterious pollution. The dust, the grime, the killer pollens and many more baneful chemicals in the environment are gradually attacking and weakening our lungs. A vital organ, healthy pair of lungs ensures a healthy and a good quality of life Read More

Turmeric Benefits

TURMERIC – A Healthy Way to Life

Turmeric, the golden spice with enormous medicinal properties has held a place of ultimate importance, since times immemorial. It has enjoyed its rightful place as the chief spice to spike up our meals with a healthy quotient and has added its unique vibrancy to them. Turmeric also has been an innate part of Hindu religion, its customs and practices. It Read More

Health Benefits

Chelating The Noxious Mercury Toxicity

Nature and this beautiful planet is a gift of God; it’s precious and delicate and we make all efforts to preserve and protect it. The elements present in it demonstrate powerful creative competence, which if harnessed in safe limits can increase your ability to manifest whatever you need. However, if the elements are exploited it can lead to destructive repercussions Read More

Organic Food

Mighty Curcumin

Turmeric, the golden coloured spice is lounging in the glory of all its goodness. A famed magical spice for centuries, it has been an integral part of our kitchen and a go to fix herb for any ailment. No wonder, it was grandma’s favorite spice and a quick remedy for maladies both big and small. The golden herb has surely Read More


Live A Life Chemical Free With ImmunoTurm

Development, industrialization have improved and made our lives very convenient, but in disguise a lot of chemicals have become a part of our environment. These toxins are mostly found in our food chain, they basically become a part of the air that we breathe, food that we eat and water that we consume. This toxic load leads to weight gain Read More