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Is Your Dog Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

A healthy pet is a happy pet and happier the pet happier the family, and the way to good health lies in healthy eating habits and a strong digestive system. What if your pet has irritable bowel syndrome and is always struggling with the symptoms then his health is never going to pick up. The worst thing is most of Read More

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Cure Arthritis in Horses with Curcumin

A horse is probably the most majestic animal one can think of and who can forget the beauty and grace of its movements. Imagine many horses galloping freely in a green valley; the sight is incomparable. The majestic changes of this sleek animal are nature’s symphony in motion. But this movement can be hampered by the onset of painful arthritis Read More

Cat Health Care

Curcumin To Treat Arthritis in Cats

Our cats bring us unlimited joy and happiness with their jumping and prancing, but at the same time, their joints take a beating. More use of muscles and joints can only mean one thing joint related health problems like ACL  anterior cruciate ligament) tears and osteoarthritis. Arthritis in cats is not very common, but it makes sense to be well Read More

Dog Health Care

Client Diaries: How Barkumin saved my Canine’s Life

My love for dogs is something which I just can’t describe in words. I just love dogs and want to be around them always. I am a proud friend of eleven beautiful Labradors who are my world. Also, I live all alone in a metropolitan city and my Labradors are all I have as companions. A recent incident which turned my Read More

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Curcumin To Protect Your Cat’s Skin And Fur

CURCUMIN TO PROTECT YOUR TABBY’S SKIN AND FUR If you want to know the condition of your cat’s overall health check the skin as it is a dead giveaway of your cat’s health. If your cat is scratching, licking or chewing the skin, be wary your cat might have a skin problem that needs attention. What Can Cause Skin Infections Read More

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Wonder Product for Superb Health of Your Dog

Dogs have been our constant companions and only dog owners can understand how important they are. Their health is as important as ours and only when your pet’s health is taken care of will there be a feeling of well-being in the house. There are numerous benefits of incorporating the wonder ingredient of curcumin that is present in turmeric in Read More