Cervical Cancer

Is There Any Natural Cure of Cervical Cancer

As per an official report published by the US Health department, in 2014, over 12000 American women suffered from cervical cancer. Of these, 4115 succumbed to this ailment. There has been a steady down-slide in deaths due to cervical cancer in the West but in developing countries it is still quite a cause for concern. Heightened awareness about regular screenings Read More

Cervical Cancer


Turmeric has proven true to be miraculous. Uses and benefits of this spice are innumerable. Turmeric ideally belongs to the ginger family. It was first found and used in India, the spice country. Still in many part of India, Turmeric is used as a primary spice. The beautiful yellow curry you see that are made in India all have turmeric Read More

Oral Cancer

Beating the Specter of Oral Cancer with Curcumin

BEATING THE SPECTER OF ORAL CANCER WITH CURCUMIN India is one of the leading countries when it comes to oral cancer related deaths. In India, the top most cause of oral cancer is consumption of tobacco. Tobacco chewing has been a difficult habit to break among the Indians and it is thus not a surprise that it causes the maximum Read More


Troublesome Menopause Symptoms Warded Off With Curcumin

DON’T LET MENOPAUSE CAUSE A PAUSE TO FUN IN LIFE God created women to be very strong and resilient, yet there are a few health issues that can prove to be problematic, not just physically but emotionally too. Yes, we are talking about the menopause. Indeed, menopause is nothing but puberty’s evil older sister. As the name suggests, menopause is Read More

Cancer/Cervical Cancer

Benefits Of Curcumin In Combating Cervical Cancer

CURCUMIN- A MIRACULOUS POTION FOR CERVICAL CANCER Cervical cancer has been added recently to the long growing list of cancers that people around the world are getting afflicted with. It is a cancer of the lower most part of the uterus called cervix, which occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control to form an accumulating mass Read More

Cancer/Cancerous Effects

Combat throat cancer using curcumin therapy

Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body. These abnormal cells form malignant growths called tumors .Some of the chemicals contained in tobacco smoke cause, initiate or promote cancer. When inhaled, these chemicals cause genetic changes in cells of the throat, which can lead to the development of throat cancer.Smoking increases the risk of Read More

Cancer/Oral Cancer

Can humble curcumin shackle oral cancer?

As simple as it may sound, but taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums, is a health goal in itself. Good oral and dental hygiene can prevent a number of diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and innumerable ailments from striking us. So besides that million dollar smile, which makes you look priceless, good oral hygiene and care, ensures Read More

Cancer/Oral Cancer

Curcumin as a shield against oral cancer

A healthy tooth, in fact oral health in general, is something that makes up for good social etiquette in modern society. Yellowing, dirty teeth or bad breath or bloody gums are all attributes that are frowned upon in social circles and so, many people have regular dental checkups in order to make sure that their oral hygiene is up to Read More