Golden Turmeric Milk

Spice It Up With Lactoturm

One of the most revered spices used for cooking and healing, turmeric has continued to disseminate its magic for thousands of years. Curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric has been an eternal part as dietary component since time immemorial. The hues of turmeric are an integral part of our cooking that without a pinch or a teaspoon our recepies look drab and uninteresting. Apart from lending that beautiful color to the dish, it packs the dish with health benefits in the most natural way.

In the past years, turmeric has left the world spell bound by reveling its many medicinal properties that continue to captivate the attention globally. It is a super food, a magic spice and a beloved of people who are adapting a healthy way of living. Turmeric no longer just is a remedy for sore throat or a twisted ankle, it’s not just for spiking up the curries, but it’s raising a culinary storm of its own.

The humble “HALDI DOODH” is now being endearingly called as golden milk with celebrities around the world gushing about its goodness and wholesomeness. Are you geared up to add it to your diet on daily basis? There are a lot of great turmeric recipes, but let’s be honest, it’s easiest to sprinkle some in your drink for a fast and easy fix. Golden milk or turmeric latte, a surging demand for this lip smacking, easy to make preparation whipped up by using cold pressed turmeric juice in coconut milk or almond milk, a dash of cinnamon powder and a pinch of pepper thrown in, is a refreshing alternative to caffeinated drinks and oh so! healthy and scrumptious. There are a number of drinks being concocted worldwide by super health experts and chefs that hail the modest golden hued spice, been here for ages, Turmeric as the hero.

At Bagdara, we are not only ensure, that we keep up with the growing demand of this ancient magic but also offer you the premier and top of the line products. LACTOTURM with its natural, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and anti-depressant properties make up for a refreshing and a healthy morning routine and a calming regime just before you hit the bed. While it keeps you in shape and satiates your taste buds, Lactoturm is highly rich in mineral, calcium and iron. It has been carefully nurtured in the most natural way without a speck of fertilizers that would impair its salubrious components. Simply taking a glass of plain milk is not enough! Adding a spoonful of specially crafted Lactoturm from Bagdara Farms fortifies the all essential vitamin D and calcium component of your daily glass of milk.This ensures that a rich proportion of vitamin D and calcium, which is otherwise flushed out when you consume plain milk, is readily absorbed by your body when you add Lactoturm in milk.

Lactoturm in your milk is more effective at healing conditions of acute inflammation than aspirin and other medicines, in the most organic manner. Lactoturm is brimming with goodness of anti-oxidants which help in reducing the soreness resulting from inflammation and heal the muscle wear and tear and leaves you all energized to attend to your daily routine with a smile on your lips and song in your heart. A generous pinch of Lactoturm is indispensable for reveling in the glory of your relaxed and smoothed muscles. After a strenuous session at gym and your work out, it is ideal to consume Lactoturm from the splendid Bagdara Farms to lift your spirits and feel all rejuvenated.

Seems like a whole corpus from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kareena Kapoor Khan, are vying for their heavenly glass of therapeutic turmeric latte. So it’s time to make Lactoturm, specially curated at Bagdara a member of your life to drive away your morning blues and to revel in the glory of a nourished and healthy self. Spice up your life with this spice of life.

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