We are a family of farmers by profession and farmers at heart!

Bagdara Farms that lies amidst the wilderness of Bandhavgarh jungles in Katni District of Madhya Pradesh, India, was initially bought for laying the foundation of a grand resort, but this plan was eventually dropped out. Bagdara Farms narrates the tale of that one major turn that ended up bringing us to the world of organic farming, along with the formation of a beautiful farming family.

An accidental interaction with the local villagers changed the entire prespective and set us on a new path. After seeing the deplorable condition of the villagers and local tribals, we decided to do something for them that would bring a difference in their lives.

With the intention of upgrading the standards of the local villagers and tribe in our hearts, we came up with the idea of engaging the villagers and tribals in an activity that they are best at, that is farming with an aim for each to have sustainable income and good living.

We, at Bagdara Farms are now growing organic turmeric and rice on the rich and fertile soil of Bagdara Farms, which is extremely rich in essential nutrients for the crop. 100% natural farming methods have been adopted to offer the virtue of organic produce to the buyers for good health and wellness, with no use of fertizers and pesticides.

We at Bagdara Farms do everything on our own by using our own set of resources and people. We possess an in-house production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution chain, which makes us self reliant, without having a need to be dependent on outside resources.

To quench the philanthropic thirst of doing something for the environment and society, we also took the initiative of conserving the environment and wildlife around the Bagdara Farms by planting more and more trees. With the combined efforts of the local tribe and villagers, we have successfully planted more than 10,000 trees that are today offering shelter to the wild animals.

By providing employment opportunities to almost 93 tribal families, we have successfully shifted their surviving from cutting trees and hunting animals to growing organic turmeric and rice farming, thereby providing a sustainable and a constant flow of income .

Our Farmers

For delivering the goodness and freshness of organic products to each and every customer who puts health before anything, our farmers are working day and night in the Bagdara Farms to offer them the excellence of organic farming.

They are using purely natural farming methods to maintain the authenticity of organic content and uncontaminated nutrients in turmeric and rice that they gproduce. These farms are a no chemical fertilizers and pesticides zone, and are completely natural and eco-friendly.

The Bagdara Farms is extremely rich in minerals, which is one of the most vital factors ensuring that the produced crop contains the best of nutrients for good health and life. To the soil with more nutrients, our farmers add natural manure to the soil that ultimately doubles up the nutrition level of the crop sown in the fields.

We would like to extend our warm gratitude towards our farmers and are greatly thankful to them for cultivating the best of produce for all of us with their sweat and hard work!
It is due to their labor that we are getting to eat the best and the most naturally produced products in the times, when purity of products is not gauranteed!

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