(For treating symptoms of Menopause)



  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% Organic
  • Fertilizers and pesticides free
  • Curcumin content of 10.07%
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Anti Ageing
  • Wild Strand

Grown amidst the beautiful lands of Bagdara Farms, Menoeze is processed and manufactured using the most traditional standards of organic farming, free of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, and having high levels of curcumin.

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The changes that a woman’s body has to go though in a lifetime are countless. Every woman experiences her life and the associated changes differently, but the common factor in the middle years is a big change called menopause. Menopause is a natural biological change in a woman’s life, marking an end to her reproductive ability. This is not an ailment or a disease, but a phase which occurs over a period of 4 to 5 years, it involves hormonal changes and reduced activity of the ovaries. Menopause is a time when a woman stops having menstrual periods; peri-menopause is the transition period before and after the last menstrual cycle. During this phase of erratic hormonal levels, one experiences hot flashes, palpitations, itching, shrinking of genital areas and fatigue. Psychological factors also accompany this phase due to inappropriate hormonal levels, like a woman might experience depression, anxiety, irritability and concentration problem. Women are at higher risk of osteoporosis, glaucoma, colon cancer and the menopausal symptoms differ from woman to woman.

Menoeze , from Bagdara Farms  helps women go through the troublesome times of menopause with ease and without any side-effects, naturally & organically. The curcumin rich ‘Golden Goddess’, abundant in therapeutic properties, offers natural healing during this phase which requires attention. .


  • Anti inflammatory – Body ache and muscle soreness are common complaints associated with menopause,the anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer properties will provide you with the much needed relief.
  • Phytoestrogen properties efficiently prevent hot flashes.
  • Anti-depressant- The nervousness and anxiousness that accompany this testing phase can naturally be alleviated with the help of natural healing touch of Menoeze.
  • Anti-Bacterial – Its awe striking anti- bacterial properties work towards warding off vaginal infections.
  • Preserves Bone Health – This period also make the woman more prone to developing arthritis and osteoarthritis. Menoeze potently ameliorates this condition and provides us with perfect bone health.


  • Start with small doses of 1/2 tsp Menoeze and a pinch of black pepper on empty stomach with warm water, and gradually increase it to 2 times a day.

PS: Excess of anything is harmful. Though Menoeze is organic and has the potential medicinal and therapeutic properties to fight against atherosclerosis, one must still consult a doctor before consuming it. Pregnant women, people on blood thinning medication and those who are going to have a surgery should avoid the intake of turmeric. 400-600 mg is the ideal dosage of curcumin powder for any human being.


Our products are packed in glass jars, making it safe to reuse and recycle. Each jar contains 60 gms or 2.1 oz of Menoeze.


The result may vary from person to person as per Age & Medical Condition.

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60gms or 2.1 oz


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


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  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine.
  • This product will address the main health concern that you are facing and thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Therefore it is advisable to target the main disease with one product from the range of products.
  • Regular BP to be monitored as excessive use or use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease your BP. Our product works on blood thinning and cholesterol and hence the BP must be closely monitored for the first week.
  • Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a month and then monthly.
  • In case you feel any of the parameters shoot up or down, please check if you are consuming any other allopathic medication for any other problem in the body and stop using it immediately as the role of our product is to replace every other medicine that you are using and let you resume regular lifestyle where you can eat and drink what you want.
  • Allopathic medicines to be discontinued after 2 days of starting to use this product.
  • As a reminder, please discuss the supplements and medication to take with our advisors.